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NEW Revlon Colorstay Whipped creme makeup #330 w/ swatches & photos!

 I couldn't get away from all the product raves on this foundation! From the moment it came out, it was looking like a winner, so I knew I had to try it too! 

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Being that my HG foundation is Revlons Photoready in Golden beige, you can tell right off the bat, I'm a illuminating type of chick. I mean, even my foundation has sparkles in it! So, there's no doubt that I was alittle iffy about trying this, seeing how it has none whatsoever, and I am used to the little help it gives me to "glow".

 Product claims:
Finally, truly decadent makeup offers ultimate performance. The mousse-like texture feels like silk on your skin. And, the time release formula balances skin for a flawless look. All day flexible wear without flaking, caking or feeling heavy. 

 -Buildable to full coverage for flawless skin, Soft, matte finish all day long, Withstands heat and humidity – great for summer, Comes in 16 beautiful shades

To get to the nitty gritty, I will be listing the cons first, and save the pros for last.

First off, I would have to say the biggest con would be the color shades. I originally bought 320 Warm Golden, but seriously, not only was it too light, it didn't even have not a hint of golden tone in it! I was disappointed, so I decided to get the next shade down which was 330 True Beige. I figured, a shade darker would be a better match and maybe have more golden tan undertones in the darker shades. I left feeling not so sure about it, and usually, I only buy make-up when I really like it or think I will use it frequently, so its safe to say, I had my doubts about this one.

The next biggest flaw, even though some people might like it because it looks very Chanel esque, is the packaging. 
 To have a foundation bottle that heavy, is just asking for trouble. I was scared, first of all, that the flimsy white covering would pop out of my fingers and fall face first, full of foundation, on to the floor. The fact that to apply this, one must use a brush/applicator or fingers to get it out, is a double whammy because if you regularly don't have baby wipes or a sink around, your stuck with foundation fingers. Not a cute look. The most ridiculous part is the weight. I wouldn't think twice about leaving this at home. I MUST put this on before I leave, because on top of diapers, snacks, wipes, emergency clothes, my own purse contents, this just weighs it down so much more. I'm not saying its 10 pounds, but its unnecessary, if I can get my foundation routine done at home before I leave. Its up to you, but never before has something weighed so much, besides my whole make-up bag, that I would even consider leaving it at home.

Looking in from the outside, the shade looks alot lighter. When its actually opened, its alot darker in color.

In order to actually get a good even application, you should experiment with your fingers. My first application was with fingers so, I really felt like it glided on and loved how effortlessly it was putting on, seeing that it wasn't liquid foundation, but creme. My next application process was with my e.l.f studio flat top brush, and lets just say, it wasn't the easiest. I usually dab my foundation on my cheeks and forehead and blend out with my e.l.f brush. I did my same routine and when I went to blend out, it felt thick and was very hard to buff outerwards, to the corners of my face. You have to work quickly, if you use a brush. I am considering getting a good stippling brush so I might avoid this problem in the future. I believe the bristles are are too dense. My advice would be if you have drier skin, apply a face primer or base first to make it glide better. The formula is amazing, but getting it to spread, takes alittle work.

My wear time was pretty remarkable. I had about 6 hours and very minimal fading. With other foundations, I have fading in my nostril area and my mouth area. With this, it was still intact and going strong. It might be because I hadn't eaten or wiped my mouth, so maybe that contributes. 

I also noticed that I had a slightly greased look. Not noticeable to other people but to me, I noticed.
There was not strong make-up smell and I have had no breakouts ( I don't know if that matters, seeing as my skin is pretty "strong" and doesn't break out easily, only during hormonal phases.

This is a very accurate photo representing the color. I used flash, indoors.

The Revlon Photoready is 1.0 full fluid oz. 

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped creme is 0.8 fluid oz. 

The Photoready a better buy because of the pump application, less weight, & overall better value of money spent.

I used no airbrushing at all and look how amazing my skin looks!

Above is me wearing 330, while filming my review. If you would like to see it, please Click here.
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It photographs well, and I feel it looks better after wearing for awhile, although, it still is not a good match for my skin.

Would I repurchase? 100 percent...if the shades had more variety and had at least a couple shades with yellow undertones. Given the fact that my main gripe was the weight, I could look past it if they had  golden beige. The formula literally glides on like whipped butter. I cannot believe they don't have my shade, because I would love this, so bad!!! Only cons if they did make it pump style is that you can't put product back and that's a waste.

Have you been able to find a shade that suits you? Do you love it or want to leave it?
Comment below!


  1. I cant wait till i get my hands on it

    1. I think for other people it will match great, but for go. :(
      Tell me what you think of it when you get it!

  2. I got warm golden and It has no golden tones to it! It's too bad since the formula is nice.

    1. I know right?!! I wish it was a perfect match but sadly, its not.

  3. Good review. Sorry you didn't like the packaging, but I really like bottled products. I like the fluffiness of whipped products too. Would love to give this a try.

    Beauty, Fashion and Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Hey Girlie! Yes, I didnt like the packaging but its pretty to look at. The formula is a amazing too!

  4. Even a pasty Daisy Mae like me, who has rather pink undertones, finds the pink WAY too pink. The "yellowER" tone of the two works better (not great) for my skin, but still, if even I find even the more yellow based products not very yellow, I can't imagine how girls with true yellow undertones must feel.
    I agree, though, the formula and finish are amazing. I hope they come out with more colors.

    1. I agree. I know women have different undertones, but they could def improve the color and labeling. True beige, was NOT true beige at all. More like pink beige.

  5. Greetings from Singapore!

    I picked up 340 Caramel but its slightly way too dark comparing from my skin tone. There are only 4 shades available in my country. I have no choice but to grab the darkest shade, besides Caramel there are only 220 Nude, 250 Medium Beige and 320 Warm Golden available.

    But anyway, great post you got there!

    Shikin Kikin

    1. Thank you Shikin. Im sorry it wasn't your color. What about the undertones, was it too pink?

  6. The Real Techniques Buffing brush or Stippling brush works great with this foundation!

    -Tara Joy

  7. Do you think this foundation would apply nicely with a beautyblender?

    Excellent review btw! Makes me want to buy it even more...but I already have so many foundations!!!


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