Monday, March 19, 2012

NOTD: Revlon Topspeed Peachy!

Revlon is a brand that I actively look forward to when shopping at Target or drugstores. I love all they have to offer. From their Make-up, Hair care, Nails and Beauty tools, I am a fan. I especially love their foundations and nail products. I have a 15 month old daughter (Olivia) & time is of essence with anything and everything. I need to be able to do things quickly and efficiently. For them to be able to offer a line of nail polish that dries faster than the average nail drying time (60 seconds) , is a time saver and nail saver. Usually, If I don't have dry nails, I ruin my manicure because I forget they are not dry fully. I hate looking down at my nails and realizing that I messed one or a couple up. :(

I bought peachy last summer and loved it from the very first time I wore it. I got tons of compliments about the color and vibrancy. Some ladies will actually come up and ask me what Im wearing. I think it kind of surprises them when they realize its a cheaper brand.

Good representation of the actual color (first & last photo)

A built in top coat delivers a salon-smooth finish. Available in 32 cool colors that set in 60 seconds.

While the main thing that attracted me at all to this particular nail polish line, was the TopSpeed guarantee. I really like the color, which is a creamy coral-ly peach that almost looks a tad neon, even though its not. It's just bright against my light tanned skin.

I originally wore it with a turquoise/cream cashmere blouse, which made the color pop even more. This spring, I noticed that pastels and bold colors are making a huge come back, so this would be a perfect nail polish for the spring, summer, or, if your a rule breaker, whenever!

I never use a base coat for any nails polishes, so this was 2 coats of the Revlon peachy and 2 tip coats of the Milani's Diamond dazzle, (which I did a review on HERE!)
The first coat was alittle streaky, so an added coat was needed. 3 coats, would be overkill, in my book for this type of product. I used OPI clear top coat for finishing, which I figured would make everything look better because the tips were more 3-D looking than the main nail color (peachy). The clear polish gave the nail a smooth flat surface. Perfect!
Wear time: I would say I wore it for about 2 days before seeing the first chip on my right hand (as always). They started flaking off at the Milani diamond dazzle tips by day three on about 3 of my fingers and by the end of a week, all my glitter tips had flaked off. The rest was still there, surprisingly.

If you like this color or would like to try any of the Revlon TopSpeed nail polishes, they are available at ULTA, or even ULTA actually has a deal going ($5.99 each) on for Buy 1, Get one 50% off.

Overall, would I agree that it dried in 60 seconds? Yeah...riiiighhhtt! It took about 8 minutes, maybe even more because I did add the top coat but com'n, should that really add on 6+ minutes? I probably would rebuy on the color alone. The TopSpeed part is gimmicky, to me, however if your interested, like I said the color is oh-so-gorgeous. 

These are some personal photos I took when my sister and I and our babies went to Seaworld for the first time last week. :)

 The whales doing back flips.

I had to pull my hair back because I was previously soaked by Shamu. Bad hair day after that :)

Do you own any peach nail polishes or Revlon TopSpeeds that you would suggest to try? 
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  1. loving that nailpolish and your family pics are adorable.

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    only a little obsession giveaway

  2. i bet you mustve had SO much fun at sea world!! :)
    ive gone there once and i LOVED it!

    1. SO much fun! We have gone already a couple of times and STILL have not visited everything yet.

  3. I love your nail color, but I could hardly get past that ring! It's gorgeous :)


    1. :) thanks hun. I agree. Hope your feeling better from the surgery.

  4. Ahh what a gorgeous color! <3 It looks so pretty with your skintone too.
    Aww such awesome pics! I want to go to seaworld so bad! You look so beautiful! xx

    1. Thanks Dinorah. It is so pretty. Almost reminds me of ESSIE a crewed interest but this is alot peachy and darker.

  5. Love the nail color! Great pictures too. Looks like fun!

    1. It was! I suggest Seaworld over the ZOO, anyday!


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