Friday, March 9, 2012

NOTD: OPI Shorts Story!

Back before I had a blog, I loved to research different make-up and nail products and read reviews, buy them, and then rate them for myself. I actually did this on because I really believe when someone writes a good review without bias, it helps the next customer, ALOT!
That's the whole reason I started a blog! I will NEVER agree to be paid or giving a product for free, because they tell me to write a good review. Not happening. Why even review it then? 
Sorry for the tangent, but that lead me to find a brand called OPI. One of the best nail polish lines I used so far. I like Essie and all the "higher end drugstore" products but I never can find any. That's when I met Shorts story. I wasn't looking for this beauty, but I saw a favorite celebrity of mine wearing it an I had to have it.

 I would describe this color as a blue toned Barbie doll pink. Google Barbie logo and you will see what I mean. It is a GORGEOUS pink that is not too bright, but not muted at all.

 This is from the Bright Pair line by OPI which was released in 2009, which contains No room for Blues, On the same Paige, No room for Taupe (which I wanted but got Essie Mink muffs instead), A Grape Fit & In my Back Pocket.

Natural lighting

 Making sure that my nails are COMPLETELY dry, I start off with one coat and let dry for about 2 minutes. I then, if I need to go back and apply a second. With this polish, you can get almost full opacity with just one coat which is saying a lot because since the formula is thin, It is still very pigmented.
I like the color in the bottle very much but when air hits this and dries on the nails, I was almost disappointed because it was a tad darker than the bottle and I expected a more pastel looking pink. Its okay though, because even though it may dry darker in color, I still really like the formula and color in the end.  It is one of the best creme pink that I own, and I have a lot of pinks.

After a couple of days, I noticed chipping on my index and pointer finger on my right hand (I'm right handed). I did not use a base or top coat, because I wanted to test it out for itself. It was disappointing, but seeing how much I use those two fingers, I was kind of expecting it. My left hand however, did not show any signs of chipping.

The brush is fatter and thicker any my other polishes. Here, I compare it with wetNwild fastdry How I met your magenta. 

Overall, I LOVE OPI polishes and will continue my collection. I would suggest giving these a try, although for almost $10 dollars on with shipping and waiting for it to get here, kinda sucks. I'm sure there's a dupe that's cheaper in the drugstore products.

Do you own any OPI polishes or prefer any other polishes?


  1. Love this colour. Would like to try OPI polishes, but the online aspect puts me off (for 1 nail polish anyway, which is what I want to try first). xx

    1. yeah, I understand. Buying online before seeing it, sucks.

  2. I am going to put that nail polish on my wishlist now! I have been looking for the perfect Barbie pink nail polish. I only have a few OPI polishes. I mostly have China Glaze.

    1. I love the formula and how it applies. Perfection

  3. Lovely color love pink:)


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