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Maybelline color tattoo by eyestudio: Tough as Taupe, Pomegranate Punk, Too cool, Fierce & Tangy, Audacious Asphalt & Bad to the Bronze!

Of course I had to pick up a couple more of these color tattoo eyeshadows. I know the web has tons of reviews on these already, but I wanted to share my two cents. I wanted Tough as taupe since I first saw it so its no surprise that I own the whole collection now, minus one.
I still need Tenacious Teal (baby aqua blue with silver).  It's always sold out when I look for it. If your looking for the Painted purple, Edgy emerald or Bold gold swatches, click HERE!

I am so happy with this line of eyeshadows. I really am contemplating grabbing two of every color seeing as how, whenever I see the display, there are only like two left. I actually have back-ups of Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze because I use them so much and I can't stand the thought of losing one.

Product claims:
• Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation
• Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant
• Ophthalmologist-tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
• 10 vibrant shades

Colors: Painted purple, Edgy emerald, Bold gold, Audacious asphalt, Bad to the bronze, Too cool, Fierce & tangy, Tenacious teal, Tough as taupe, & Pomegranate punk.

Tough as Taupe
As I keep saying, this is my very, most, best all-time favorite so of course I had to review it first! Swatched, it becomes slightly darker and deeper in color. I would describe the color as being mainly grey/brown with a slight blue tint that shows through.  It is pretty Opaque and you really barely need a full finger tip full of this to get a nice color and when blended out, it looks like you put alot more effort in then you really did. That's why I love wearing this as a main color. I don't need any type of primer or top eyeshadow at all to get the best results with these. I use this as a all--over eyeshadow, add liner, and I'm set! Simple, yet sexy and sultry.

Pomegranate Punk
I really don't like red or pink eyeshadows on my lids because it makes my skin look really bad. Like I have been crying. Not a good look, especially since I already have purple bags under my eyes. This color though, I don't regret getting.
I would say this is a maroon color with blue undertones and leans slightly brown.  I like how this looks on me when I pair it with a dark brown like theBalm's Caught in the act Courtney or STILA's In the light palette Sandstone. I have light eyes so this really makes my eyes glow green. If it was a tad more red colored, I would not wear it at all, but because it is toned down with a touch of brown in it, it works pretty well for my liking. 

Bad to the Bronze
My second favorite eyeshadow from this line. I thought it would be more of a coppery brown, but I was surprised (happily) that this was a brownish, golden taupe color. It has shimmer, but it isn't a glitter-mania mess. I also like using this as a main color. It saves time and is so simple, yet dramatic that it gives the look of a well thought out make-up routine, when really, I applied it in the elevator on my way to my car! (this actually happened when I was running late for an appointment)
I also like using this for a base when doing a neutral smokey eye look. It has staying power while having color too. This stuff does not budge, especially when it has powder over the top of it.

Fierce & Tangy
 I really never have bought a orange eyeshadow, just to say I own a orange eyeshadow. I just don't have the interest, however, this was part of the collection, and I figured, might as well give it a shot. I'm not a lover of any kind of orange except for blushes, but this one, really is a pretty gold orange that would top off any spring dress with a pop of color for summer.
I really am glad I picked it up and intend on actually using it.

Audacious asphalt
I have a love for darker colors. My go-to look has always been sexy, sultry so I guess the dark look to me, equals mysterious and captivating. This color reminds me alot of MAC Knight Divine. A shimmery smokey silver.

Too cool
For some reason, I really wanted this one too! I know it's white but you can use it in so many ways! It is such a pretty white too, it reminds me of cupcake frosting. YUM!

A bright white with tons of metallic shimmer in it. I find that a tiny swipe of this is needed for the inner duct of the eye to brighten and open up the eye area. Too much, and it will make you look like a 2nd grader who got a throw-away make-up kit from your aunt for Christmas. Haha, I remember my first white eyeshadow. Good memories.

Below is a comparison of Knight divine & Audacious asphalt.

Not the best shot to show the color, but as you can see,  they are very similar

I will have a review coming up on the MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow soon, so you can see the swatches and comparisons in that post.

Below are the swatches next to the pot
This makes my green eyes, POP!

This one I expected to be more rusty red, but it is a gorgeous taupe brown color

Can you see in the pot how it is actually darker, when swatched?

The right side is actually not accurate. it is actually less yellow & slightly darker/vibrant.

Such a pretty smokey ash color. I can see me getting the full use out of this one.

Blends nicely. If blended out almost fully, I wouldn't be surprised if you could use this for a highlighter

Using Edgy Emerald and Tenacious teal

The above was the rating on all TEN colors, overall. Alot of people compare them to MAC's paint pots, and although I don't own any MAC paint pots, I can't say these make me want to go buy them. Not because I doubt they are good, I believe if it's not broken, why try and fix it? MAC probably has better variation of color but, I can work with these!

Using Bad to the bronze:

 I apply these by finger. You have a little more time to blend before it sets because your natural body heat keeps the shadow creamier and warmer, longer. I also like that the natural curve of the tip of the finger helps get in the inner eyes.
As for needing a base or eyelid primer, my lids are not oily and hold eyeshadows really well so if you have oily lids at all, I would suggest using a base like Urban Decay Primer Eden or even a concealer to help keep it blend-able, but help it set. They are creamy so I'm thinking this would enhance any oily-ness, one might have on the lids so maybe try setting this with a powder (translucent) or same color on top to get maximum wear time.

They also last a long time! I swatched these on my hand in order to take pictures, got busy taking pictures, didn't wipe them off right away. After I remembered that these are supposed to stay put, I rubbed and rubbed to try and get them off but they still barely budged. I guess that proves they hold up, under rubbing.

The positives: 
- If you happen to use the whole product, afterwards, you can use the empty pot to store broken lipsticks or eyeshadows! Just melt them down or crush them and Voila! (or really, anything small can be stored in here)
- Super creamy and blend-able. I had no problem blending it in.
- Inexpensive
- Bold and neutral colors available
- no fallout, like powder eyeshadow can have

The negatives I had were:
- This are housed in a pot, so if you do use your fingers, make sure your nails aren't too long or you'll have extra underneath the nail. I suggest a flat head brush to avoid mess.
-Glass pot. If dropped from the right height, prepare for cleanup, and not just the make-up, glass shards.
- The label is on the top (as opposed to the bottom) so switching tops if you are using two at the same time and same color type, can make you switch the lid and mislabel them. That's what happened with my Loreal Infallible eyeshadows. I mixed up Iced latte and Endless pearl. Although none of these shades are similar, it would be easy to confuse if you just bought them and somehow mixed them up.
- Not too many color variations. Yes, you can use different products to make a different color, but having to not do the extra work to get the color you want, would be nice.
- If you use too much, it feels caked on. :(

I love these and will repurchase for sure. I wish they would come out with more matte shades. I like shimmer, but sometimes too much shimmer overclouds the color, and makes it all look like one color, which I don't like because I like to see different colors and depths.

I have tons of things coming up soon. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary in April, we have Easter family photos scheduled, Easter egg hunts, workout continues, shopping for when we go to NYC & my husbands birthday! Yay. Sounds busy, but fun. :)

Did you pick up any of these or pass? If you created any looks with them, I'd like to see. I love trying out new looks. 
Comment below!


  1. Well thank you gorgeous ;)

    I only own about four of these, i love them, need to get more. I love your detailed review!!!

  2. i think because of your raving, I'm lemming for these especially the neutrals and the white shadows :D

    1. :) I love all neutrals, so I couldn't agree more.

  3. I've really been wanting to try these! They look great! I'm usually into playing around with bright colors, but the neutrals are pretty!

  4. Awesome review on the Maybelline color tattoo's i love them all :) im a new folower of your, awesome page . hope u can stop by


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