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MAC Tempting & Greensmoke REVIEW & FOTD

Tons of eyeshadow duos or trios, regardless of the brand, usually come with complimenting colors so that a whole look can be achieved. I have noticed that golden browns, greens and cremes go together, pinks, browns and beige's go together, taupes, greys and champagnes go together, ETC. Look in your own collection, you might see what I'm talking about. Its like a no brainer. Just like my picks Greensmoke & Tempting.
Its a no brainer :)

My Greensmoke came with alittle dingy in it, but I guess that no reason to send it back. Only if it was cracked, I would have. Upon opening these up, I love how little & discreet they are. Easy to stuff in your bag for a night out on the town. I have been wanting to buy a Z palette from the infamous cheap palette that they sell, but I really like some of the packaging that comes with some of my other brands. Like theBalm. You might have heard me talk about them sooo many times, But I honestly love that brand. They have never failed to keep their brand high in my heart!

In the middle picture, you cam see how the first pic and second one have different looks with the shine from the sun.

A soft foiled baked brown. Perfect for an all-over lid look or in the crease to define and highlight your eyes. This formula is very buttery and creamy. Its so velvety soft and applied fairly well. I would repurchase it for sure, but I'm sure there are tons of dupes out there for this shade. I was stuck between getting Tempting and Romp. Both looked similar, but I went with Tempting because I liked how one of my favorite bloggers paired hers. Check it out HERE! She is GORGEOUS and the it looks so pretty and classy on her. :)

I have used this as a all-over lid shadow and when I went to blend it out more because it was so shimmery, it left the brown coppery color, which I dont like because anything with red undertones look yucky on me.

I am a lover of green eye shadows & this is no exception! It is a frosty evergreen/grey with flecks of gold glitter in it. It applied differently than tempting, being that it was a little rougher (glitters) & it wasn't as foiled looking. It also looked more of a silvery green on my lids then when in the pan. I love this green and I'm so glad I picked it. I will for sure be using this regularly & recommend this color for a super sexy smoked out look when you are looking for color rather than plain 'ol black or grey smoked out eye look.
I did have to pat it onto get the color I wanted. It came out a little sheerer than I expected, but its okay. Like I mentioned, I am kinda heavy handed. :)

Here's me with that OOTD I did last week using the MAC Greensmoke and theBalm's Shady lady VOL 2 palette

Makeupalley.comrated 4.6(247 reviews) (Greensmoke)
 rated 4.6(235 reviews) (Tempting)
Tons of girls say that because these are "LUSTRE", meaning has mega fallout. I had to google what Lustre in MAC products were. So basically they were saying that it is not as pigmented and has fallout compared to other eyeshadows from the MAC line that aren't LUSTRE line.
I like them both but I doubt I will need to repurchase them, seeing as how I tons of eyeshadows I need to use.

I apply these using my Foil & Fuse dual ended brush from id Bare essentials (By the way, they have impressively good brushes, I love all of mine). I use the flat headed side and pat the main eyeshadow on, and after I apply it, I blow off the excess & blend out the remaining shadow up toward my browbone. I also like to turn the brush around and use the smaller headed brush and smoke out the bottom of my lower lashline to make my eyes look bigger and have more dimension.

Overall, I love MAC shadows and will continue to purchase them and have actually purchased about 5 more since I first bought these a few weeks ago. If you are looking to add to your stash of Make-up or are just starting, give these a chance. The payoff color is amazing and blend-ability is a must have for heavy hander's, like myself.

On another note, I just started P90x with my sister! Today was the first day. I don't feel sore yet, but I worry for tomorrow. We didn't get to do the whole hour because she had to get ready for work, but tomorrow we will. I also want to do Cardio in the evening to maximize weight loss. I was very hungry today, and I am guessing it was because the Arm and back workout today. :)

Do you own Tempting or Greensmoke? How do you pair them, or do you own other MAC shadows that you love? 
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  1. nice ;)

    "comment made by boy"

  2. I love mac so much! i happen to have both of these shades and love them both. I have another one too which is similar to tempting, it's called hoodwinked

    lovely blog :)

  3. Great post.. the swatches are fantastic and you look beautiful in that photo!! x

  4. Great shades I love tempting:)


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