Saturday, September 3, 2011

Milani Baked Powder Blush in Berry Amore & Rose D'oro

I was browsing the Target makeup section yesterday and I usually pass right on by the Milani section. I always figured it was just drugstore makeup and I already have my favorites. Against all efforts went to look and found these GEMS staring back at me.  I bought them and I honestly say I am pleasantly surprised,  but definitely not disappointed. 
I only bought two which were Rose D'oro and Berry Amore, although there are nine total blush shades to choose from which are:
  • Dolce Pink
  • Rose D'oro
  • Berry Amore
  • Terra Sole
  • Luminoso
  • Bellisimo Bronze
  • Fantastico Mauve
  • Coralina
  • Red Vino
I would really like to get all of them but since I heard that Luminoso is a dupe for the ever so infamous NARS Orgasm, I would like to get that one next.

***Update: I just bought a bunch of Lip glosses from Milani that I will be doing a review on later, and let me just say, they are soo beautiful. If you love fantastic drugstore lipglosses, you don't want to miss this one.

Berry Amore (No flash)

Rose D' oro (No flash)

I really do like these blushes simply for the fact of, I haven't had time to go to MAC to get their mineralize blushes and I thought this would cure the itch. 
It kinda reason being..
First off I noticed that the blush itself was very pigmented. It has swirls of gold glitter in each blush but when I went to swatch it, It easily went onto my finger tip. My Favorite was the Rose D'oro because it was more of a red pink. Almost berry color. 
But until recently I have been using the Berry Amore. Simply because it is more of a pinky peach with blue undertones, that I love.
The both have veiny gold pigments in them which I LOVE. I love sheen and shine. Only sometimes do I want matte blushes but I would suggest you dont reach for these, if you want matte looking blush.
It comes with a mirror and small brush.

Swatched with flash, they almost look the same

Natural sunlight- left to right Rose d' oro and Berry Amore

You can see all the glitter spots

No flash-indoors

Aren't they beautiful?

My favorite
The Pros:
Silky texture
Beautiful color payoff
Nine shades to choose from

Very Glittery
looks like cheap packaging

My overall thoughts are....
...that I want every single one! 
The blushes HAVE actually turned me onto the Milani eye-shadows, which I will buy and do a review on. I loved baked products and these are great quality baked blushes. They seem so much more buttery and glowy to me than dry non-baked blushes. 
What are you thoughts? Do you own them? Want them? 
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  1. Such gorgeous colors! I really like the rose d'oro. Man, I regret not buying more while they were on sale. lol


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