Friday, September 16, 2011

Hard Candy Meteor-eyes Baked Glitter Eyeshadows-Lunar Eclipse


I have always eyed the Hard Candy Products at Walmart, but I have been very weary about purchasing them because I haven't done my research on each and every thing that I liked (I'm a research girl :D )
However at a recent shopping trip to Walmart, I spotted these amazing looking baked eye-shadows. I did want to buy all of them at once, But I wanted to at least try one first, to see if they were quality and re-purchasable .
 The one I picked out was Lunar Eclipse. It was approximately $6.47, with tax.
There were others there but this is the one that stood out to me. I bought a olive green shade from Victoria's Secret a WHILE back. Like ages ago, when I was working for them, but I forgot the name of it. I have been on the lookout for a dupe for a while so that's why I got this one. I remember it had a golden sheen to it. Not like this one has, big chunks of gold glitter, but it was very similar.

Flash- left swatch with primer, right swatch, without primer
The swatch on the left is on top of Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer which I use like a eyeshadow base. Just a little dab will hold the shadow perfectly. The swatch on the right is without anything at all and is very sheer. In order to have better pigmentation, you would have to build up the color by adding coats to it.
No flash, Artificial lighting

No flash, artificial lighting

Flash (lookit all them Glitters!!)

Wearing it all over my lid.
The eyeshadow itself is very beautiful in the pan, and swatched it is still beautiful, but extremely sheer for being such a dark color.
I saw that several other bloggers had different takes on this eyeshadow. Some say it had too much fall out, others said that it wasn't pigmented enough. 
I myself, I do very much like this eyeshadow. If you use the right base for it, it turns out exceptionally nice. The color is a olive green with a slightly brown undertone. The gold flecks accentuate the color very nicely with my skin tone, I believe.

You can either wear this with an primer, or by its self. 
You can apply with a brush, felt tip applicator or finger, but I personally, prefer the finger because it sticks to the lid alot better and you knock the fallout out by a ton.  Be careful not to over-blend as this could cause more fallout and rubb off the large flecks of gold glitter that it has.

Make-up alley.com9 reviews
love and hate, over 75% said they would buy again.

Like others have said, I will remind you, that It DOES have fall out so you have to be careful because when it gets in your eyes, the glitter scratches, and we all know, glitter in the eye is no good.
I would gladly buy this again when I run out because I have never seen a eyeshadow with the glitter flecks, so nicely combined.

Overall, I would really recommend this eyeshadow to people that like a bit of glitter, and have a lust for a good deep olive color. Also the price is awesome because baked products are a must for eyeshadows.

What have you purchased from Hard Candy and what is a dislike or love? Share below!

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